At By Kabiri, we’re proud to announce our team of experienced perfumers will combine your requirements with fashion trends, and use their expertise to formulate and blend the perfect fragrance for your brand. They are known as perfumers, fragrance designers or noses... gifted with an extremely delicate sense of smell, they passionately scrutinise every odour, combining and transposing them into fragrance with the sole aim of making us dream, taking us on a journey and creating emotion.

Our team of experts in France compose fragrances for all types of perfumery products: soaps, shower gels, cosmetics, lotions, etc. Their success is due to their deep understanding of the raw materials used, and their ability to maintain manufacturing standards while meeting consumer expectations. In France, fragrance production & raw material synthesis is split across two sites, one of which also maintains a research and development laboratory to constantly work at improving existing production procedures and to seek out new synthesis directions. Raw materials are obtained principally by hemi-synthesis starting from around one hundred essential oils including: Chinese eucalyptus oil, Madagascan clove oil, USA cedar wood oil, Haitian vetyver oil, Paraguayan guaiac wood oil, Egyptian geranium oil, and more.